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Driving Customer Acquisition = Record Profitability

Ironwood Venture

Our client is a family owned attraction facility located in Michigan that has been in operation since 2018. We started working with them in early 2019; initially focused on incorporating financial disciplines, leadership best practices and deploying digital marketing activities. During the pandemic we were forced closed for nearly a year. While that year was very challenging it also provided us with time to redevelop our strategic plan and execute on it quickly as the economy reopened. To that end, we hired a seasoned GM to improve operations, consolidated debt and restructured lease agreements to improve cashflow. We also improved our customer acquisition by expanding membership offerings and doubling down on digital marketing through enhanced social, a revamped website and the launch of Google ads.


  • 2021 revenue increased 31% over 2019
  • Q1 2022 revenue highest in company history
  • Highest profitability in the history of the company
  • Refinanced all outstanding debt to maximize cash flow
  • Increased annual memberships 10X
  • Remove angst around cashflow & provided long-term strength
Family Attraction & Entertainment
Value Prop:
Customer Acquisition
Record Setting Profitability