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Deploying Product Strategy & Technology to Drive Growth

Our client is an education technology non-profit based in the Midwest that has been in operation since 2017. We started working with them in early 2020 focused on business development for their platform internationally. As the business continued to grow, they recognized the need for strong technology strategy and leadership to guide platform development. We took on the product management & strategy role as well as advising on technology architecture and software development. During this time, several key platform capabilities were released such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), updated marketing website and improved mobile app. The structure provided through platform roadmaps, bringing in Agile methodologies and focus on sustainable software architect helped make optimum decisions, accelerated product development and provided much needed visibility to management.

  • Product enhancements drove a 100% increase in customer engagement
  • Customer growth and engagement resulting in funders committing ~$4M for next fiscal year
  • Product roadmap developed for decision making and to optimize allocation of resources
  • Released updated marketing website in time for back to school marketing efforts
  • Accelerated product development and releases such as the first ever SaaS product
  • Installed Agile methodologies for product development and simplified tools usage
  • Expanded software development capabilities by on-boarding low cost offshore development team
Non-profit Edtech
Value Prop:
Product Strategy & Management
100% Growth in Engagement